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Freescale ColdFire

ColdFire Architecture

Implementation Methodology Designed for Reuse
  • All cores are 100% fully synthesizable
  • Parameterizable - all options exist within a single design description
  • Configurable
    • Generic local-memory controllers support a range of sizes
    • Choose size using compiled memory arrays
  • Hierarchical architecture
    • Multiple buses provide layers of bandwidth + modularity
    • Standard internal bus structure provides simple interface
  • Design-for-Test
    • Muxed D-FF rising-edge clocked design
    • ATPG scan vectors for stuck-at, speed testing
    • BIST test methodology for memories
  • Deployment focused on soft macro RTL + support of hard macros
V2 ColdFire Core:Single-Issue
The ColdFire2/2M is part of a semicustom, standard-cell based design program. High-volume manufacturers can create their own integrated microprocessor containing a core processor (such as the ColdFire2/2M) and their own ...
V3 ColdFire Core:Single-Issue + Pipelined Local Bus
The ColdFire 3 core delivers enhancements including a refined instruction prefetch pipeline, branch prediction capabilities, and higher frequencies of operation. These improvements allow the core to provide up to 300% ...
V4 ColdFire Core:Limited Superscalar
The next-generation ColdFire® microarchitecture provides a 2.8x performance improvement when compared with the ColdFire 3 core over a broad range of applications. Improved microarchitecture for higher performance: greater than 200 Dhrystone ...
V4e ColdFire Core:Limited Superscalar
The V4e is designed to provide hardware support for on-chip multiprocessing for systems requiring intensive numeric processing capabilities beyond that provided by a single processor. Designs implemented in 0.18 micron ...
V5 ColdFire Core:Full Superscalar
Performance Targets: 1.3x - 1.4x V4{e} core performance in same process technology; 2x V4{e} system-level performance in next-generation process Maintain attributes of family heritage ...