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The CPU incorporates features specifically designed for modern programming techniques such as calculated branching, table processing and the use of high-level languages such as C. The CPU can address the complete address range without paging.

The CPU features include:

  • RISC architecture with 27 instructions and 7 addressing modes.
  • Orthogonal architecture with every instruction usable with every addressing mode.
  • Full register access including program counter, status registers, and stack pointer.
  • Single-cycle register operations.
  • Large 16-bit register file reduces fetches to memory.
  • 16-bit address bus allows direct access and branching throughout entire memory range.
  • 16-bit data bus allows direct manipulation of word-wide arguments.
  • Constant generator provides six most used immediate values and reduces code size.
  • Direct memory-to-memory transfers without intermediate register holding.
  • Word and byte addressing and instruction formats.