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ADI Blackfin

Blackfin Processors are a new breed of 16-32-bit embedded processor designed specifically to meet the computational demands and power constraints of today's embedded audio, video and communications applications. Based on the Micro Signal Architecture (MSA) jointly developed with Intel Corporation, Blackfin Processors combine a 32-bit RISC-like instruction set and dual 16-bit multiply accumulate (MAC) signal processing functionality with the ease-of-use attributes found in general-purpose microcontrollers. This combination of processing attributes enables Blackfin Processors to perform equally well in both signal processing and control processing applications-in many cases deleting the requirement for separate heterogeneous processors. This capability greatly simplifies both the hardware and software design implementation tasks.

Currently, Blackfin Processors offer performance up to 756MHz in single core products. New symmetric multi-processor members of the Blackfin processor family double the performance at the same frequency. The Blackfin Processor family also offers industry leading power consumption performance down to 0.8V. This combination of high performance and low power is essential in meeting the needs of today's and future signal processing applications including broadband wireless, audio/video capable Internet appliances, and mobile communications.