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Renesas 78K

The extensive 78K series lineup provides the ideal product for almost any application. For a compact, low-power MCU, choose one of the products in the 8-bit 78K0 and 78K0S series, and for a controller that offers the performance of a 32-bit MCU but consumes the power of an 8-bit one, look no further than the 16-bit 78K0R.

Wide selection

  • A wide range of products with different pin counts and ROM sizes are available, letting you select the product that best suits your application needs.

    Low cost

  • Total system costs can be reduced because 78K MCUs include many on-chip peripherals such as a voltage detector, oscillator, flash memory, and reset circuit.

    Rich development environment

  • The simple and convenient 78K development environment includes the new CubeSuite+ integrated development environment that, in addition to compiling and debugging programs, can be used to manage pin placement, generate code for microcontroller peripherals, and speed up building. When used together with E1 and MINICUBE2, our on-chip debugging emulators with flash memory programming capability, CubeSuite+ becomes a powerful tool for speeding up your system development.

    Low power

  • 78K0R products consume less current than 16-bit MCUs from other companies at the same operating frequency, helping you realize a low-energy system. 78K0 and 78K0S products consume about one-third the power of our previous 8-bit mask ROM MCUs.

    Highly reliable

  • Applying the technologies Renesas Electronics has accumulated in developing flash MCUs for automotive applications, 78K MCUs have a proven record in over one thousand applications. 78K products also provide comprehensive on-chip software protection features, delivering an even higher level of reliability.

    High performing and highly functional

  • The 78K0R uses 3-stage pipeline processing to enable most instructions to be executed in a single clock cycle. Features such as an on-chip multiplier/divider and the interlocking of multiple timer channels also let you carry out complex timer operations.