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The SecurCore SC100 core macrocell provides a low cost route to migrate existing low performance 8 and 16-bit smart card products to the 32-bit ARM platform. The SecurCore family supports the ARM and  Thumb instruction sets, integrated memory protection unit and many specific security features.

The SecurCore family is a range of low-power 32-bit RISC microprocessor cores optimized for smart card and secure applications. Other members of the SecurCore family include the SC200 which incorporates Jazelle technology acceleration for Java Card applications.


  • Smart Cards
  • SIM
  • Banking
  • Medical
  • Pay TV


  • Fully synthesizable design
  • Randomized processor layout based on customer design specifications
  • Advanced, secure debugging and test methodology
  • One-way development process to ensure security during development
  • Controlled access to design stages via flexible software and emulation solutions
  • Memory Protection Unit performs memory management type functions securely
  • Specific counter-measures to help prevent analysis of current flows
  • Energy and space-saving features, including ARM Thumb® compression
  • Rapid ASIC or ASSP integration with reduced time-to-market


  • Application of 32-bit processing through a compact synthesizable core
  • Reduced development costs
  • Shorter development cycle time
  • Single development toolkit
  • 4GB non-segmented memory architecture for simplified software development
  • left">Higher system performance
  • Multiple sourcing from industry-leading silicon vendors
  • Excellent debug support for SoC designers