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ARM Cortex-R4 Processors    
ARM Cortex-R4

ARM Cortex-R4

Cortex-R4 Processor

The Cortex™-R4 processor is the first deeply embedded real-time processor to be based on the ARMv7-R architecture. It is intended for use in high-volume deeply-embedded System-on-Chip applications such as hard disk drive controllers, wireless baseband processors, consumer products and electronic control units for automotive systems.

Cortex-R4 delivers substantially higher performance, real-time responsiveness and more features than other processors in its class. This processor offers excellent energy efficiency and cost effectiveness for ASIC, ASSP and MCU embedded applications. Furthermore, the Cortex-R4 processor can be configured at synthesis time to optimize its feature set for a precise match with application requirements.

Cortex-R4 is a mature processor, launched in May 2006 and shipping today in millions of ASIC, ASSP and MCU devices. It is the standard for high performance real-time SoCs, superseding many ARM9 and ARM11 processor-based designs.

Cortex-R4 was designed for implementation on advanced silicon processes from 90 nm down to 28 nm and beyond with an emphasis on improved energy efficiency, real-time responsiveness, advanced features and ease of system design. On a 40 nm G process the Cortex-R4 can be implemented to run at almost 1 GHz when it delivers over 1,500 Dhrystone MIPS performance. The processor provides a highly flexible and efficient two-cycle local memory interface, enabling SoC designers to minimize system cost and energy consumption.