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Freescale Semiconductor
Freescale is the global leader in embedded processing solutions, advancing the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. From microprocessors and microcontrollers to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity – our technologies are the foundation to the innovations that make our world greener, safer, healthier and more connected.


Processor Families

Vybrid Controllers

Vybrid devices are built on an asymmetrical-multiprocessing architecture using ARM® cores as the anchor for the platform. The Vybrid portfolio brings to market a unique, low-power system solution that provides customers a way to combine rich applications requiring high-resolution graphical displays and connectivity with real-time determinism. more

Kinetis K Series MCUs

Kinetis is the most scalable portfolio of low power, mixed signal ARM®Cortex™-M4 MCUs in the industry. Phase 1 of the portfolio consists of five MCU families with over 200 pin-, peripheral- and software-compatible devices. Each family offers excellent performance, memory and feature scalability with common peripherals, memory maps, and packages providing easy migration both within and between families. more

Kinetis M Series MCUs

Freescale´s Kinetis M series is dedicated to high accuracy measurement for electricity metering, test and measurement. The Kinetis M series is integrated with high accuracy 24-bit sigma delta converter and low-noise amplifier.


Kinetis L Series MCUs

The Kinetis L series MCUs are the world’s most energy efficient, and bring new design possibilities
to entry-level applications that have previously been limited by 8/16-bit MCU capabilities. more

Kinetis W Series MCUs

The Freescale Kinetis W series expand on the successful Kinetis MCU line based on the ARM® Cortex™ core. more

QorIQ P1 Family

The QorIQ P1 family of communications processors delivers unprecedented performance per watt for a wide variety of applications in the networking, telecom, military and industrial markets. more

Host and Integrated Host Processors

General-purpose processors based on the e600 core, built on Power Architecture® technology, offer performance from 500 MHz to 1.8 GHz, including a dual-core option.


QorIQ Qonverge B Family

QorIQ Qonverge B series of baseband processors brings together the processing power of the e6500 and e6501 Power Architecture® cores and the computational power of the SC3900FP StarCore-based DSP core along with proven application accelerators for packet and baseband processing, security and more. more

Kinetis V

Kinetis V Series MCUs are based upon the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ and M4 cores and are designed for BLDC, PMSM and ACIM motor control, as well as digital power conversion applications. more

Kinetis EA

Freescale is making automotive development easy with Kinetis EA series MCUs. more

QorIQ Qonverge BSC Family

QorIQ Qonverge Platform combines market-proven Power Architecture® cores and high-performance StarCore DSPs with proven application accelerators for packet and baseband processing, security and more.


QorIQ LS-1 Family

QorIQ Communications Processors Built on Layerscape Architecture


Kinetis E

The Kinetis E series is the most scalable portfolio of ARM® Cortex®-M0+ MCUs in the industry. more

QorIQ T Family

The first SoCs in the QorIQ T series are the flagship T4240 with 12 physical cores supporting 24 virtual cores and the T4160 with 8 physical cores supporting 16 virtual cores. more

QorIQ P5 Family

The QorIQ P5 family is a scalable, pin-compatible processor family for control plane applications built on the Power Architecture® e5500 core. more

QorIQ P3 Family

The QorIQ P3 family, which features the P3041, leverages the architectural features pioneered in the P4 family. more
Group lineup: QorIQ P3041

QorIQ P4 Family

The QorIQ P4 family, featuring the P4040 and P4080, delivers high-performance, next-generation networking services in a very low power envelope. more
Group lineup: QorIQ P4040, QorIQ P4080

Qorivva/5xxx Power Architecture® Automotive Microcontrollers

Start designing with Freescale 32-bit Qorivva microcontrollers built on Power Architecture® technology. Using the most powerful, high performing core architecture for automotive, Freescale Qorivva MCUs build a broad portfolio of families optimized for a full range of automotive applications. more

QorIQ P2 Family

The QorIQ P2 family delivers unprecedented performance per watt for a wide variety of applications. more
Group lineup: QorIQ P2020, QorIQ P2040

PowerQUICC II (82xx)

Through a wide-range of low-power and high-performance solutions, the PowerQUICC families built on Power Architecture® technology support the entire spectrum of embedded networking equipment applications, from the core to the edge to residential access. more

i.MX Applications Processors

Freescale ARM-based i.MX applications processors deliver an optimal balance of performance and long battery life for rich multimedia experiences on the go. The i.MX applications processor family includes processors based on ARM9, ARM11 and ARM Cortex A8 core technologies, which are powering new applications in consumer, automotive and industrial markets that demand exceptional performance and efficiency . more

ColdFire V1 based processors

Entry-level 32-bit ColdFire® embedded controllers that combine high performance and extended functionality with the flexibility of advanced Flash memory technology in a compact, inexpensive package more
Group lineup: MCF51CN

L-Family 08 LCD MCUs

Freescale’s new 8-bit family of LCD microcontrollers puts the squeeze on the component costs, power consumption and system complexity of your next LCD project. With ultra-low-power options and flexible segment-based LCD drivers, our L-family S08 and RS08 MCUs are the ultimate resources for simplifying and economizing your LCD design without sacrificing performance. more

Flexis AC

Freescale’s Flexis™ AC family of MCUs lets you design more cost-effective solutions into environments where electromagnetic interference has traditionally been an issue. The 8-bit MC9S08AC128 and 32-bit ColdFire® MCF51AC256 devices strike the ideal balance between price and power efficiency for appliance and industrial applications that operate in noisy environments more
Group lineup: MCF51AC, S08AC128/96, S08AC16, S08AC60

PowerQUICC™ III (MPC8xxx)

Freescale’s PowerQUICC™ III integrated communications processors
incorporate a wide range of advanced Freescale technologies, modular cores and peripherals. more

Flexis JM Series

The ColdFire®-based MCF51JM128 and the S08-based MC9S08JM60 belongto the Flexis JM family. The Flexis JM family devices expand the Freescale ControllerContinuum by providing pin, peripheral and tool compatibility between 8- and 32-bit controllerswith USB functionality. By using the JM family of devices, product designers can easilyupgrade industrial or consumer applications with USB functionality to provide more control andcommunications options. The JM family offers full hardware and software solutions to get you throughthe development process quickly and easily. more
Group lineup: MC9S08JM16, MC9S08JM60, MCF51JM

S08D: 8-bit CAN Microcontrollers

Freescale’s S08D family offers a low cost Freescale MCU with embedded CAN. It provides an unprecedented combination of Embedded CAN, Embedded EEPROM and On-chip emulation / debug.
This highly integrated next generation family of MCUs is packed with features designed to provide increased performance as well as save power, development time, board space and cost. more

Flexis™ QE Low Power

Its time to break the tradition. In the past, bit boundaries have shaped the price, performance, and level of integration on industrial control MCUs. No more. Freescale is breaking bit boundaries to provide a path to performance from the low-end of 8-bit to the highly integrated 32-bit MCUs. more
Group lineup: MC9S08QE, MCF51QE128, S08QE8

PowerQUICC II Pro (MPC83xx)

The PowerQUICC II™ Pro family of integrated communications processors is a next-generation extension of the popular PowerQUICC II line. Based on a system-on-chip (SoC) architecture, the PowerQUICC II Pro Family integrates the enhanced e300core and advanced features, such as DDR memory, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Dual PCI and Hi-Speed USB controllers. With clock speeds scaling to 667 MHz, this family of processors offers the highest performing PowerQUICC II devices available. more

56F8XXX Digital Signal Controllers

High performance Digital Signal Controllers combining the processing power of a digital signal processor with the functionality and ease of use of a microcontroller on a single chip. more

HCS08 Application-Specific Microcontrollers

Application specific, low-cost, high-performance HCS08 Family of 8-bit microcontroller units (MCUs). All MCUs in this family use the enhanced HCS08 core and are available with a variety of modules, memory sizes, memory types, and package types. more

RS08 General Purpose Microcontrollers

The RS08 core is a reduced version of the S08 central processing unit (CPU) that has been specifically designed for small pin-count devices with under 16KB memory more

ColdFire V4 based processors

The V4e is designed to provide hardware support for on-chip multiprocessing for systems requiring intensive numeric processing capabilities beyond that provided by a single processor. more
Group lineup: MCF5407, MCF5445x, MCF547x, MCF548x

ColdFire V3 based processors

Based on ColdFire V3 core providing up to 300% more performance than the ColdFire2/2M core, while increasing the operating system frequency by less than 50%, making it an attractive solution for new designs or upgrades to existing systems.

Group lineup: MCF301x, MCF5307, MCF532x, MCF537x

ColdFire V2 based processors

Connectivity microprocessor offering up to 159 MIPS of performance.  Features Ethernet, USB device, and Encryption.  Also contains options with dual Ethernet. more

White Papers and Technical Articles   

Freescale Whitepapers and Technical Articles
Security in Smart Meters

With the increasing deployment of automated technical solutions in the implementation of automated metering reading (AMR), automated metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart grid infrastructure, security attacks are on the rise. Other vulnerabilities in AMI devices include insecure data buses, serial connections or remote debug port access. The question arises, how can we ensure data security and customer privacy in smart meters and smart energy gateways?

Easing the Move to Multicore
The ever-increasing global appetite for computing power and performance has put embedded computing squarely on the path to multicore systems. This migration poses a complex set of questions: How do I migrate legacy software to work with multicore hardware? Do I need virtualization for better performance? How can I get the performance I need in a power envelope I can afford? To help answer these questions and more read on (pdf)
Integrated Circuits for Implantable Medical Devices
Implantable systems can now provide precise dosage and interval delivery of drugs to more effectively treat patient’s conditions while minimizing side effects. With the ever increasing clinical need for implantable devices comes the continuous flow of technical challenges.  Thus, the need for device integration becomes imperative.
Automotive Safety Innovations: When Will Zero Fatalities Become a Reality?
Freescale is committed to the goal of better safety in the automotive segment. Electronic systems are the source of improved safety and Freescale is well positioned to help automotive manufacturers make a difference.
Designing High-Fidelity Videophones on the Freescale i.MX27 Multimedia Applications Processor
All of the fundamentals are now in place to make videophones—wired and Wi-Fi—available to the consumer market.


Freescale Webcasts
Make Your Move to Multicore
As market requirements evolve there’s a growing need to move to advanced multicore microprocessors. There are many factors to consider when migrating to multicore including OS/RTOS, SMP or AMP modes, tool chains, and debug. In this webinar we\'ll look at the underlying trends, challenges in migrating to multicore and the Freescale solutions that offer a smarter approach to solve them. Included in the discussion will be a review of advanced fabrics, data path acceleration techniques, and hardware offloads such as security and pattern matching.
Next-Generation Medical Design Considerations

This webcast will discuss healthcare drivers shaping the medical market, selection criteria for MCU/MPUs used in medical devices (including requirements for Analog and low power as well as trends around connectivity and user interface)  and the importance of both hardware and software in the design of a medical device.

Coldfire family expansion (Audio only: 9 min)
Listen to a brief audiocast from Feescale Smeiconductor introducing 10 new Coldfire products enabling USB, Ethernet and low power applications.
Flexis Overview
Listen to a short introduction to the Flexis Microcontroller series from Freescale- eeTECHbrief
ColdFire Embedded Voice Solution
Freescale has introduced an embedded VoIP reference platform solution designed to speed time to market for industrial embedded voice applications using VoIP.
Save your energy - Flexis™ Ultra-low-power 8-bit S08QE128 MC
It's ultra-low-power and an industry first—Freescale introduced the Flexis™ QE family which offers unprecedented pin, peripheral and tool compatibility between 8-bit S08 and 32-bit ColdFire V1 microcontrollers. The 8-bit MC9S08QE128 is Freescale's first S08 with 128K flash and is packed with peripherals that maximize performance while minimizing your power consumption.
MC9S08LC Family Electricity Meter Reference Design [17 min]
Freescale’s LC60 MCUs provide a system-on-chip solution that enables high segment count LCD applications while offering low-power operation, ideal for metering devices.