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Microchip Technology
Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Microchip offers outstanding technical support along with dependable delivery and quality.


Processor Families

32-bit PIC Microcontrollers

Building on Microchip´s 8-& 16-bit PIC® microcontrollers, the PIC32 MCU family delivers 32-bit performance with more memory to solve your increasingly complex embedded designs. more


The dsPIC33F CPU has a 16-bit (data) modified Harvard architecture with an enhanced
instruction set, including significant support for digital signal processing. more


The 30 MIPS dsPIC30F Digital Signal Controllers offer the performance of a DSP with the simplicity of an MCU. The dsPIC30F is best suited for applications that benefit from a wide operating voltage (2.5 to 5.5V), extremely low standby current, integrated EEPROM and for designers that prefer 5V operation due to systems considerations. The product variants integrate SMPS peripherals, motor control peripherals and a Codec interface that enable efficient digital power converters, advanced motor control algorithms and speech and audio applications. Small package DSCs with high performance ADC are well suited for smart sensing applications.



The PIC24H General Purpose Family is ideal for a wide variety of 16-bit MCU embedded applications. The PIC24H device family employs a powerful 16-bit architecture, ideal for
applications that rely on high-speed, repetitive computations, as well as control. more
Group lineup: PIC24HJ12GP201, PIC24HJXXGXX


The PIC24F microcontroller family features cost effective, 16 MIPS 16-bit MCU performance and many devices with Microchip´s eXtreme Low Power Technology. Unique features include USB-OTG, to act as a USB Device or Host, a Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) that allows precision time measurement, capacitive measurement for mTouch™ applications and an integrated graphics or segmented display controller. The PIC24 Lite family (PIC24FxxKxxx) features lowest cost and lowest power in small pin count options, with integrated EEPROM, Op Amps, DACs, flexible PWMs and Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) for real time logic control.



Microchip’s PIC18 MCUs are ideal for applications requiring 10-16 MIPS performance, with up to 128KB program memory, ranging from 18-100 pins and include: C compiler efficiency, High performance architecture (16-bit program word), Flexibility of self programming Flash, Industry leading peripherals and firmware including CAN, USB, ZigBee™, TCP/IP. more
Group lineup: PIC1867J60, PIC18F/LF1XK50, PIC18F1220/1320, PIC18F1230/1330, PIC18F1XK22, PIC18F2220/2320/4220/4320, PIC18F2221/2321/4221/4321, PIC18F2331/2431/4331/4431, PIC18F2420/2520/4420/4520, PIC18F2423/2523/4423/4523, PIC18F2450/4450, PIC18F2455/2550/4455/4550, PIC18F2458/2553/4458/4553, PIC18F2480/2580/4480/4580, PIC18F2525/2620/4525/4620, PIC18F2585/2680/4585/4680, PIC18F2682/2685/4682/4685, PIC18F2X/45K50, PIC18F2X/4XK22, PIC18F2X1X/4X1X, PIC18F2XK20/4XK20, PIC18F44J11 , PIC18F45J10 Group, PIC18F46J11 Group, PIC18F46J50 Group, PIC18F47J13 Group, PIC18F47J53 Group, PIC18F6310/6410/8310/8410, PIC18F6390/6490/8390/8490, PIC18F6393/6493/8393/8493, PIC18F63J11, PIC18F63J90, PIC18F64J11, PIC18F64J90, PIC18F6520/8520/6620/8620/6720/8720, PIC18F6527, PIC18F6585/8585/6680/8680, PIC18F65J10, PIC18F65J11, PIC18F65J50, PIC18F65J90, PIC18F6622, PIC18F6627, PIC18F6628, PIC18F66J10, PIC18F66J11, PIC18F66J50, PIC18F66K80 Group, PIC18F6722, PIC18F67J10, PIC18F67J11, PIC18F67J50, PIC18F67J60, PIC18F83J11, PIC18F83J90, PIC18F84J11, PIC18F84J90, PIC18F8527, PIC18F85J10, PIC18F85J11 Group, PIC18F85J50, PIC18F85J90, PIC18F85J90 Group, PIC18F8622, PIC18F8627, PIC18F86J10, PIC18F86J11, PIC18F86J50, PIC18F86J60, PIC18F8722, PIC18F8722 Group, PIC18F8723 Group, PIC18F87J10, PIC18F87J10 Group, PIC18F87J11, PIC18F87J11 Group, PIC18F87J50, PIC18F87J50 Group, PIC18F87J60, PIC18F87J72 Group, PIC18F87J90 Group, PIC18F87J93 Group, PIC18F87K22 Group, PIC18F87K90 Group, PIC18F96J60, PIC18F97J60, PIC18F97J60 Group, PIC18F97J94 Group


The Baseline Architecture includes the PIC10 family and portions of the PIC12 and PIC16 families. These devices utilize a12-bit program word architecture with 6 to 28-pin package options. The concisely defined feature set of the Baseline Architecture enables the most cost-effective product solutions. A range of low operating voltages makes this architecture ideal for battery-operated applications.
The Mid-Range Architecture includes members of the PIC12 and PIC16 families that feature a 14-bit program word architecture. These families are available with 8 to 64-pin package options. more


The high performance of the PIC12F devices can be attributed to a number of architectural features commonly found in RISC microprocessors. To begin with, the PIC12F devices use a Harvard architecture in which program and data are accessed on separate buses. This improves bandwidth over traditional von Neumann architectures where program and data are fetched on the
same bus. Separating program and data memory further allows instructions to be sized differently than the 8-bit wide data word. more


The PIC10F220 is a low-cost, high-performance, 8-bit, fully-static Flash-based CMOS microcontroller. It employs a RISC architecture with only 33 single-word/ single-cycle instructions. All instructions are singlecycle (1 μs) except for program branches, which take two cycles. The PIC10F220 delivers performance in an order of magnitude higher than their competitors in the same price category. The 12-bit wide instructions are highly symmetrical, resulting in a typical 2:1 code compression over other 8-bit microcontrollers in its class. The easy-to-use and easy to remember instruction set reduces development time significantly. The PIC10F220 are also equipped with special features that reduce system cost and power requirements. more


The PIC10F200 is a low-cost, high-performance, 8-bit, fullystatic, Flash-based CMOS microcontroller. It employs a RISC architecture with only 33 single-word/ single-cycle instructions. All instructions are single cycle (1 μs) except for program branches, which take two cycles. It delivers performance in an order of magnitude higher than competitors in the same price category. The easy-to-use and easy to remember instruction set reduces development time significantly. more


The dsPIC33F/E Digital Signal Controllers offer the performance of a DSP with the simplicity of an MCU. The dsPIC33F/E core is designed to execute digital filter algorithms, high-speed precision digital control loops and digital audio and speech processing.



The PIC24H/E general purpose microcontroller family features the highest 16-bit MCU performance and excellent code density. The PIC24H/E family offers CAN communications, integrated Op Amps and motor control, superior ADC performance, USB-OTG, and extensive data movement through DMA channels. PIC24H/E devices are available in small packages (down to 5x5 mm) with scalable memory (up to 536 KB) and extended (125°C) and high temperature (150°C) options.


Enhanced Mid-Range PIC MCU

Microchip continues to invest in its 8-bit PIC Microcontroller line to provide a broad product portfolio that meets the needs of existing and future costumers. The new Enhanced Mid-Range core builds upon the best elements of the Mid-Range core and provides additional performance, while maintaining compatibility with Mid-Range PIC MCUs for true product migration.


Mid-Range PIC MCU

Mid-Range PIC Microcontrollers are the next tier in performance and features from our Baseline PIC microcontrollers. Utilizing a 14-bit instruction word, these peripheral-rich devices are ideal for multi-dimensional applications that require a higher level of embedded control,yet with only 35 instructions to learn, achieving optimum system performance remains an easy task.


Baseline PIC MCU

Baseline PIC microcontrollers have long been the 8-bit microcontroller preferred by engineers around the world for a wide array of applications. Baseline PIC microcontrollers utilize a 12-bit program word and provide the right amount of features and options to minimize expenses and get the job done right. With so many options available, picking the right Baseline Flash PIC microcontroller for an application is quick and easy.



Based upon the Mid-Range architecture, the PIC10F320/322 is the next generation of the PIC10F family and provides an increased feature set with improved performance. more


Microchip’s dsPIC33E family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a 70 MIPS dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals. more


The PIC24E general purpose MCUs feature the highest speed 70 MIPS core with excellent performance and code density. more

Whitepapers and Technical Articles   

The latest whitepapers and technical articles from Microchip
Practical Applications of Low Power Design with nanoWatt XLP
In any low power or battery powered application that includes microcontrollers, there are four basic parameters that need to be controlled in order to have a system meet power requirements: • Low Sleep Current • Low Active Current • Fast Wake-Up Time • Low-Power Monitoring Circuits. As the drive to develop lower-power consumption, longer battery life and higher efficiency devices continues, there is a family of products to help you deliver on your next generation devices.
BodyCom Technology
The BodyCom system is a new short-range wireless connectivity technology that uses the capability of the human body to transport a few signals that provide intuitive, simple, and safe communication between two electronically compatible devices. Communication between BodyCom system devices occurs when they are within a few centimeters of the human body: a simple proximity or touch detection can establish a BodyCom system connection.

Product Videos   

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MGC3130 is the World\'s First E-Field-Based, Configurable 3D Gesture Controller; Includes Library of Gestures and Precise Hand Position Tracking
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Introduction to the MTS2916A Stepper Motor Evaluation Board
This video demonstrates Microchip\'s MTS2916A stepper motor driver that is managed by a PIC microcontroller for driving one bipolar stepper motor or two brushed DC motors.
PIC16F1512 & PIC16F1513 MCUs Overview
PIC16F1512/13 MCUs combine eXtreme low-power technology and high digital & analog peripheral integration for use in a wide variety of applications.
Microchip Wi-Fi® Comm Demo Board
Wi-Fi Comm Demo board provides a compact development platform for customers to evaluate Microchip\'s Wi-Fi product offering. The demo board comes with onboard MRF24WB0MA Wi-Fi module which is FCC/IC/ETSI certified along with a PIC32® MCU.
8-bit USB PIC Microcontrollers with Active Clock Tuning
Microchip Technology expands its Full-Speed USB 2.0 Device PIC® microcontroller portfolio with three new Enhanced Midrange 8-bit families. All feature internal clock sources with the 0.25% clock accuracy necessary for USB communication, which saves up to $0.15 by eliminating the need for an external crystal.
Microchip Technology Overview
An overview video of Microchip Technology.