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Freescale Semiconductor

HCS08GP Lineup

  Part number Group Manufacturer Core Variant Freq. Wireless Frequency Flash/ROM Package
MC9S08AW60 HCS08AW S08 20MHz None 63280 DFN48, QFP44/64
MC9S08AW32 HCS08AW S08 20MHz None 32768 DFN48, QFP44/64
MC9S08AW16 HCS08AW S08 20MHz None 16384 DFN48, QFP44
MC9S08GT60A HCS08GB/GT S08 20MHz None 61440 DFN48, QFP44
MC9S08GT32A HCS08GB/GT S08 20MHz None 32768 DFN48, QFP44
MC9S08GT16 HCS08GB/GT S08 20MHz None 16384 DFN48, QFP44, DIP42
MC9S08GB60A HCS08GB/GT S08 20MHz None 61440 QFP64
MC9S08GB32A HCS08GB/GT S08 20MHz None 32768 QFP64
MC9S08QG8 HCS08Q S08 10MHz None 8192 DFN8/16, TSSOP16, SOIC8, DIP16
MC9S08QG4 HCS08Q S08 10MHz None 4096 DFN8/16, TSSOP16, SOIC8, DIP8
MC9S08QD4 HCS08QD S08 8MHz None 4096 SOIC9, DIP8
MC9S08QD2 HCS08QD S08 8MHz None 2048 SOIC9, DIP8
MC9S08QA4 MC9S08QA4 S08 20MHz None 4096 DFN8, PDIP8, SOIC8
MC9S08QA2 MC9S08QA4 S08 20MHz None 2048 DFN8, PDIP8, SOIC8
MC9S08LG16 S08LG32/16 S08 40MHz None 18432 LQFP64, LQFP48
MC9S08LG32 S08LG32/16 S08 40MHz None 32768 LQFP80, LQFP64, LQFP48
MC9S08SH32 S08SH16/32 S08 10MHz None 32768 TSSOP28, TSSOP20, TSSOP16
MC9S08SH8 S08SH4/8 S08 10MHz None 8192 QFN24, PDIP20, TSSOP16, SOICNB8
MC9S08SH4 S08SH4/8 S08 10MHz None 4096 QFN24, PDIP20, TSSOP16, SOICNB8

- Samples Available

Family overview.


The first LCD S08 8-bit microcontroller for battery-powered and handheld applications


Highly integrated, high performance, 5V, S08 core-based devices suitable for appliance (white goods), industrial and automotive applications.


High performance, general purpose, low voltage devices with A/D suitable for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.


Small, general purpose, low-power, feature rich. Highly integrated, general purpose devices with ADC, analog comparator, multiple communications options, timers, and on-chip ICE.


Low power, high performance devices targeted to battery powered applications.


The MC9S08GB/GT are members of the low-cost, high-performance HCS08 Family of 8-bit microcontroller units (MCUs).