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Microchip Technology

PIC16 Lineup



The Baseline Architecture includes the PIC10 family and portions of the PIC12 and PIC16 families. These devices utilize a12-bit program word architecture with 6 to 28-pin package options. The concisely defined feature set of the Baseline Architecture enables the most cost-effective product solutions. A range of low operating voltages makes this architecture ideal for battery-operated applications.

The PIC16C5X and PIC16F5X are well-established Baseline products, offered in 14, 18, 20 and 28-pin SOIC and SSOP packages.

    • Low pin count and small form factor
    • Flexible Flash program memory
    • Low power capability
    • Cost sensitive
    • Ease of use


The Mid-Range Architecture includes members of the PIC12 and PIC16 families that feature a 14-bit program word architecture. These families are available with 8 to 64-pin package options.

The PIC microcontrollers featuring Microchip’s Mid-Range 14-bit program word architecture are available in higher pin count packages with Flash and OTP program memory options. The Flash products offer an operating voltage range of 2.0V to 5.5V, small package footprints, interrupt handling, and deeper hardware stack, multiple A/D channels and EEPROM data memory. All of these features provide the Mid-Range microcontrollers with an intelligence level not previously available because of cost or size considerations.

The Mid-Range PIC16 devices offer a wide range of package options, as well as low-to-high levels of peripheral integration. These PIC16 devices feature various serial analog and digital peripherals, such as USB, SPI, I2C™, USART, LCD, and A/D converters. The Mid-Range PIC16 microcontrollers have interrupt handling capability with an 8-level hardware stack.

    • Expansive package offerings: 8 – 64 pins
    • Flexible Flash program memory
    • Lower power capability
    • Rich peripheral set
    • 5 MIPS operating performance
    • Optimal cost-to-performance ratio