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The AVR XMEGA™ family from Atmel delivers an unprecedented level of system performance in 8/16-bit microcontrollers. This focus on performance is important because more and more 8/16-bit microcontroller families do not meet today’s needs for higher embedded performance combined with reduced cost, smaller size and lower power. The new AVR XMEGA combines all these requirements in the best possible way, making it the reference for 8/16-bit microcontrollers.

AVR XMEGA devices include:

  • 2nd generation of picoPower technology
  • Innovative Event System for fast, CPU-independent inter-peripheral communication
  • 4-channel DMA Controller boosts MCU performance
  • 100% predictable timing
  • Fast 12-bit ADC and DAC
  • Fast Cryptography support for AES and DES

AVR XMEGA microcontrollers have the same renowned characteristics as other proven AVR devices, plus they operate from just 1.6 volt with up to 32 MIPS at 32 MHz. Memory sizes range from 16 to 384 KB of Flash and they come in 44- to 100-pin packages. The XMEGA devices are general-purpose microcontrollers well suited for a variety of applications, including audio systems, ZigBee®, power tools, medical, board controllers, networking, metering, optical transceivers, motor control, white goods and any battery powered product.

Ultra Low Power

Atmel picoPower is recognized as market-leading low-power technology. By employing second-generation picoPower, the AVR XMEGA further extends battery life of portable devices. In battery-powered applications like mobile phones, the true 1.6 volt operation means that XMEGA devices can be connected to a 1.8V (+/- 10%) regulated power supply to save cost and battery life.

Event System

Like a reflex in the human body, the innovative XMEGA Event System enables inter-peripheral communication without CPU or DMA usage. This ensures a 100% predictable and short response time. Up to 8 simultaneous events or interrupt conditions in the peripherals can automatically start actions in other peripherals.

Real 12-bit ADC and DAC

To ensure high analog accuracy, the XMEGA features high-speed 12-bit analog peripherals. Capable of up to 2 Msps, the XMEGAs ADCs deliver the fastest sample rate and most accurate result compared to conventional MCUs. With its two 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DAC) with up to 1 Msps and four advanced analog comparators, XMEGA microcontrollers offer the industry’s leading analog integration.

DMA Controller

A 4-channel DMA Controller enables fast, CPU-independent data transfer that significantly boosts performance. The DMA Controller in XMEGA handles transfers between all combinations of data memories and peripherals.

Compatibility and Tools

The XMEGA uses the same instruction set as existing AVR products, and code can easily be reused. All XMEGA family members are pin and 100% code compatible, and designers can easily reuse both source and binary code in all projects.

The same the easy-to-use tool chain available for existing AVR devices supports the XMEGA. The XMEGA also uses the same compilers and development tools platforms as all other AVR microcontrollers.


All XMEGA A and D devices run from 1.6 to 3.6 volt and up to 32 MHz and include:

  • Event System
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Brown-out Detector
  • Watch-dog Timer
  • Internal RC

In addition, all XMEGA A devices include:

  • 4 DMA channels
  • Crypto engine for AES and DES