What is a LogicHead?
A LogicHead is someone who appreciates the value of the lowly and often-forgotten Logic Device. They understand how these fundamental “electronic building blocks” can solve a myriad of design issues in a most cost-effective way.

LogicHead videos teach you how Logic devices operate and where they are used.
  Learn, at your own pace, things you may have never known or perhaps things you’ve just forgotten about Logic. They are intended for all levels of electronic designers: from beginners to advanced.

Season 1 is dedicated to the basics of logic. Stay tuned for Season 2 where we will dig even deeper into the world of logic!

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 Season 1 Episodes  
  episode 01: In the beginning
there was logic

History of logic, obsolete families, what the future may hold (lower volts, etc.) Why can't I buy this obsolete part? (life-times of families thru history)
  episode 02: Getting started with logic
Binary math and basic logic functions. Show parallel/series circuits do OR/AND
  episode 03: Logic families and specifications
Why are there different operating voltages? What is overvoltage tolerant? What happens if I operate under/over voltage?
  episode 04: Packaging options
Covers the history of packaging, our lifetime curves, the trends and new technologies, the issues of handling smaller devices. Shows samples of each.
  episode 05: How to read a datasheet
The different tables, package info: a walk thru a datasheet. What are Vin and Vout? Why are min/typical Vin voltages switched on HC logic? A summary of the pieces learned in previous episodes
  episode 06: Lost in Translation
What is level shifting? When do you use a single/bi-/auto direction translation? What is a single vs dual suppy translator? What is a level shift/translator? Why are they made? What are Vin and Vout?
  episode 07: Comparators: Compared
to what?

Interfacing analog to digital, how to set levels. Project can use the logic mobile power board, simple circuit to build, how to make an AD converter
  episode 08: Which Switch is Which?
Detailed analog switch (more than existing video for Digikey). How fast a signal can go thru an analog switch? What is an analog switch? How much current can an analog switch pass? What kind of configurations are available for analog switches?
  episode 09: This is not your father's
logic gate

What is combinational logic? What is configurable or multifunction logic? Other "new" logic additions to GPL family
  episode 10: Load switches ahead
How to drive high currents from logic level devices. Using existing load switch materials