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Micro Digital Inc.
Micro Digital’s goal is to provide reasonably priced, royalty free software products to our embedded system customers and enable them to get their products to market fast. We achieve this through the following:

1. Integrated platform - We pre-install and deliver a working, integrated platform containing all products ordered. No integration is required.

2. Broad product line - The smx multitasking kernel is complemented by extensive networking, file system, USB, GUI, and other products.

3. In-depth support - We provide turn-key support for a very large number of ARM and Coldfire processors, including startup code, BSP code, controller drivers, and helpful processor notes. Check out the numerous free evaluation kits on our website.

4. Tool Integration - We integrate our products with the best development tools from other Vendors. This saves you from solving tool problems instead of developing your own product.

5. Direct programmer support - No help desk. Our customers deal directly with our programmers.
6. Stable, industry-proven products - SMX has been in the market for over 18 years. Micro Digital has been in the embedded systems industry for over 30 years.

GoFast® Floating Point Library

_GoFast® Floating Point LibraryGoFast is a family of fast, IEEE 754 floating point libraries designed for embedded applications. They are fast because they are written in assembly language and specifically optimize

PEG GUI Products

_PEG GUI ProductsThe PEG family of products are designed for embedded systems. PEG+ and PEG Pro are the full-featured versions that support windowing on full size screens and C++. C/PEG is the reduced version with

Prism GUI Products

_Prism GUI ProductsBlue Water Embedded’s Prism GUI toolkit is designed for today’s advanced embedded systems.  smxPrism™ has been integrated with smx and offers developers of e