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MIPS Technologies, Inc.

MIPS Technologies offers the industry´s broadest array of low power, high-performance embedded microprocessors that power tens of millions of products around the globe. The company develops processor cores targeted for every unique design need, from entry-level to some of the industry’s highest performing cores. MIPS targets high-growth markets that are paving the way for next-generation embedded designs, including emerging broadband access, innovative digital consumer and networking, and state-of-the-art communications.

MIPS System Navigator™ Probe

_MIPS System Navigator™ ProbeMIPS Technologies´ System Navigator™ probes support all of the latest MIPS® cores and licensee processors in the MIPS32® family, from the 4K® and 4KE® c

System Navigator for 8051 Cores

_System Navigator for 8051 CoresThe System Navigator  probe is designed to support the special features and integrated peripherals of 8051 cores from several IP vendors. The System Navigator probes are available for the foll

System Navigator Probe for AMD Geode

_System Navigator Probe for AMD GeodeThe System Navigator™  probe is designed to support the special features and integrated peripherals of the AMD Geode GX and Geode LX processors.  On-Chip Instrumentation (OCI®)

System Navigator™ Pro Probe

_System Navigator™ Pro ProbeSystem Navigator™ Pro probes support all MIPS32® cores with PDtrace™ if the core is designed to stream processor trace data off-chip. System Navigator Pro probes suppo