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Atollic Inc.

Atollic is a privately held software design centre dedicated to the success of our clients. The company was founded 2003 and provides a wide range of products, development tools and expert services. Our products are innovative, interoperable, cross-platform and easy to use. We operate globally on the embedded systems and technical software market.


_TrueANALYZER®TrueANALYZER® is an independent tool that provides rigorous, dynamic code coverage of software up to the MC/DC level as it runs on target systems, and reports results.


_TrueINSPECTOR®Atollic TrueINSPECTOR® is a tool for static source code inspection that calculates code complexity metrics and checks code constructs against the MISRA C standard.


_TrueVERIFIER®TrueVERIFIER® is an optional add-on tool that seamlessly integrates with TrueSTUDIO® which analyzes application source code, generates unit test cases, executes test cases on software running
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Atollic TrueSTUDIO fopr ARM
Atollic TrueSTUDIO® is the premier C/C++ development tool for embedded systems development and includes editor, optimizing C/C++ compiler and multiprocessor-aware debugger with tracing support, Also included are graphical modeling and design and code review.