FDI announces newest RX63N based Microcontroller Plug-In System-On-Module

Huntsville, Alabama - May 05, 2014 - FDI has released the newest product providing a quick and easy solution for implementing a Renesas RX63N based design. The SOMDIMM-RX63N from FDI provides the basic functions necessary for an RX63N product on an easy to use SOMDIMM (System on Module). The unit uses an industry standard 200 pin SO-DIMM electrical and mechanical interface, which are common in many laptops and very reliable. The unit also features new ruggedized mounting capabilities for high-reliability scenarios, such as industrial and aftermarket automotive applications.

The SOMDIMM-RX63N is compatible with FDI’s Family of Modular Touch Screen LCD kits, allowing for quick application porting to a new micro-controller. It can be used for custom platform development or customer applications.  Most designs based on the previous SOMDIMM-RX62N are also compatible with this unit.


The SOMDIMM-RX63N includes a Renesas RX63N based microcontroller running the open source µEZ® + FreeRTOS software platform.  The 96MHz RX63N has 2MB of internal Flash memory, 128KB of internal SRAM, a 10/100 Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC), a USB full speed device/host/OTG controller, up to eight UARTs, two CAN channels, and a collection of serial communications interfaces.  The SOMDIMM-RX63N also includes 16MB of external SDRAM.  

Both the SOMDIMM-RX63N and FDI products in the uEZ GUI family are available through any of our franchised distributors including Avnet Embedded, Digi-Key and Mouser. More information on these products can be found on our website at www.uezgui.com or at www.teamfdi.com.

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