Battery operated wireless IoT module communicates 4 miles

YUKON, Oklahoma (December 10, 2014) - Meet Whisker, a new and exciting IoT solution that makes building long range (4 miles) battery powered (5 years) wireless IoT applications fast and easy.

Whisker is based on a new radio technology called LoRa (from Semtech, Inc), making it able to receive signals far, far below the noise floor that limits other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi. Many companies, from Cisco to Microchip, are actively developing LoRa based solutions.

Whisker modules are tiny (less than 1 in square), battery or solar powered, and connect directly to analog or digital sensors and devices. They can be paired with low-power GPS modules to provide extremely long-range tracking for assets, pets, children, and elderly. Sensor data can be geo-tagged allowing the creation mobile data collection platforms for drones, autonomous mobile robots, and more.

Whisker is open source and hackable and supported by a comprehensive Wireless IoT Invention System.  In addition to the amazing Whisker Engine module, the invention system includes all of the open source hardware and software components needed to enable a user to assemble a complete IoT application and have it on-line in a matter of minutes!  And unlike other systems used for rapid IoT prototyping (eg. Little Bits), Whisker applications can communicate over miles, not hundreds of feet, and run for years, not weeks, on a single set of AAA batteries.

The Whisker Network Visualizer is an open source app available for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android.  It easily enables automating interactions between Whiskers and the Internet, including cloud platforms such as Thingspeak and BugLabs. Event notifications can include tweets, emails, and SMS text messages. Users can use the app to directly monitor and control Whiskers from anywhere in the world.

All Whisker modules, kits and boards are designed and manufactured in Yukon, Oklahoma by Digital Six Laboratories.

You can visit the Whisker Kickstarter project here:

Customers can also pre-order Whisker Engines as well as the Invention System kits and individual boards on our webstore at  

Whisker is a small wireless module designed for IoT applications.  Using LoRa radio technology, Whisker can transmit over long distances and operate for years from a single set of batteries.  Whisker is completely self-contained and only requires a power source and connection to digital or analog devices to be monitored or controlled.  No programming or external processor is required to deploy Whisker in an application.

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