Power Management demo on NXP i.MX 7

Nüremberg, Germany, Embedded World 2016 – February 23, 2016 -- Adeneo Embedded, a leading global company in embedded software integration and development showcasing a Power Management based demo on the NXP SABRE platform for i.MX 7 series.
The NXP i.MX 7 series which includes an ARM® Cortex®-A7 core and an ARM Cortex-M4 core, represents a highly integrated multi-market applications processor, enabling secure and portable applications for Internet of Things scenarios.
The main purpose of this demonstration is to highlight the low power consumption of the i.MX 7 platform visualized through a user interface developed in Qt/QML. This application provides a generic solution to assess power consumption on any i.MX 7 custom design via an automatic power state cycling mechanism controlling the system from full-on to low-power.
The i.MX 7 design offers an asynchronous, dual architecture based on Cortex®-A7 and Cortex®-M4 CPU cores and represents a suitable solution for a multitude of low-power scenarios. The overall improvement in power efficiency stems from an updated 28nm process focused on making low-power chips while still allowing development of high-performance applications with up to 1GHz frequencies.
The i.MX 7 platform comes with available Linux and Android software packages and is well suited for a wide range of applications such Internet of Things devices, wearables, industrial products and home automation.
“Adeneo Embedded has been collaborating with Freescale, now NXP, for many years on the support of Windows Embedded, Android and Linux,’’ said Yannick CHAMMINGS, CEO at Adeneo Embedded. “The announcement of the i.MX 7 from NXP allows Adeneo Embedded to leverage its software expertise on the top of the market NXP processors, by offering BSP adaptation, power management optimization, low to high level development and cloud enablement.”
“As NXP begins to deliver heterogeneous multicore processing to our customer, the need for our software partners to help enable customers to fully utilize the hardware is critical. Adeneo Embedded worked with NXP to develop a demo that focuses on the power management capabilities of the i.MX 7 series processor (on-view at NXP’s Embedded World booth). Cycling through the different system power states of the shared Linux/FreeRTOS environment, Adeneo shows the full potential of the heterogeneous Cortex-A and Cortex-M core environment,” said Robert Thompson, Chief Enablement Architect at NXP Semiconductors.