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Articles & Papers

Accelerating BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY Development

There’s a mad rush in the consumer electronics space to capture customers mindshare by being first-to-market with the next-generation IoT products. The need of the hour is to conceptualize new IoT products with differentiating features, and more importantly, deploy them to market quickly.

Hypervisor Part 1- What is a Hypervisor and How Does it Work?

A hypervisor allows multiple operating systems to share a CPU (or CPUs, in the case of multicore). While the basis of the technology is half a century old, the applications to embedded systems are new. In this whitepaper, we examine the underlying technology for, and some implementation details of, hypervisors specifically tailored for embedded systems.

Bluetooth Smart

Offering robust RF performance and very low power consumption, Bluetooth Smart is now opening up new opportunities and applications. Here is how it operates, and how it may be used

Which Bluetooth Low Energy Solution is Right for You?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the hottest protocol on the market now. In little over five years it has established itself as the de-facto point-to-point wireless standard for a number of low power and small-footprint applications.

Embedded Module Standards Inhibit Designs

There are two predominant architectures in the module market: Intel (x86 and Atom) and ARM, and each have “Standards” defined by different user groups. Standards have their place... 

32-bit MCUs Penetrate IoT Ecosystem

The 32-bit MCU has a key function in the IoT pyramid: It provides the data throughput, reading sensors and sending real-time sensor data over an IP-based network. The 32-bit architecture allows designers to put low-power connectivity next to it and communicate directly to the Wi-Fi access point or GSM modem. 


Tool News

Development Tool Showcase

Argos 2D - A100

_Argos 2D - A100The upcoming Argos® camera platform stands for state of the art processor technology combined with outstanding image processing software to build a modular, intelligent embedded camera system inte

Kinetis KV1x 64 KB and 128 KB Family Tower System Module

_Kinetis KV1x 64 KB and 128 KB Family Tower System Module The TWR-KV11Z75M is a development tool for the Kinetis V series KV1x 64 KB and 128 KB MCU family built on the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor.

KickStart Kit for LPC2378

_KickStart Kit for LPC2378IAR KickStart Kit for LPC2378 contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, develop, integrate and test your applications: Olimex LPC2378 development board, IAR visualSTAT

Embedded Workbench for Atmel AVR

_Embedded Workbench for Atmel AVRIAR Embedded Workbench is a set of development tools for building and debugging embedded applications using assembler, C and C++. IAR Embedded Workbench provides a completely integrated

KickStart Kit for LPC1347

_KickStart Kit for LPC1347 IAR KickStart Kit for LPC1347 contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, develop, integrate and test your applications: LPC1347 (Cortex-M3) e

LPC2478-32 OEM Board

_LPC2478-32 OEM BoardEmbedded Artists´ LPC2478 OEM Board is equipped with NXP´s ARM7TDMI-S based LPC2478 microcontroller suitable for a wide range of applications that requires advanced communication and high

Piccolo TMS320F28035 Isolated controlCARD

_Piccolo TMS320F28035 Isolated controlCARD The C2000 controlCARDs from Texas Instruments are ideal products for initial software development and short run builds for system prototypes, test stands, and many other projects that require eas

Plug-In Module (PIM) Microchip PIC18F66K80

_Plug-In Module (PIM) Microchip PIC18F66K80The (MA180032) PIC18F46K80 Plug-In Module (PIM) Processor Plug-In Modules are small circuit boards to be used with the various Microchip Development Boards to evaluate various MCU families.

C8051F370 Small Form Factor MCU Development Kit

_C8051F370 Small Form Factor MCU Development Kit Customers designing with the C8051F37x small form factor microcontroller should start with the C8051F370-A-DK MCU development kit. This development kit includes all the boards and accessories nee

Display Modules For Truly Graph Display 5.7 640x480 Board

_Display Modules For Truly Graph Display 5.7 640x480 BoardThe AC164127-8 is a part of Display Modules for Truely Tools Graph Display 5.7 640x480 Board which is used in LCD solutions application.

PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit

_PICkit 1 Flash Starter KitThe PICkit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit is a low-cost development kit with an easy-to-use interface for programming Microchip’s 8-/14-pin Flash family of microcontrollers.

TMS320C6670LE Evaluation Module

_TMS320C6670LE Evaluation ModuleThe TMDXEVM6670LE Lite Evaluation Module (EVM) is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient development tool that is designed to help developers quickly get started with designs using the C6670 multicore DSP.

usb2Demon™ 20 pin ARM JTAG header

_usb2Demon™  20 pin ARM JTAG headerusb to JTAG port tool for ARM 7, 9 and 11 processor families.

Delfino C28346 DIM168 ControlCARD

_Delfino C28346 DIM168 ControlCARD The DIM168 controlCARD allows users to easily evaluate all the functionality of the 300MHz C28346 floating point controller.

LPC1114 Kick Start Kit

_LPC1114 Kick Start KitIAR KickStart Kit for LPC1114 contains the necessary hardware and software andallows you to design, develop, integrate and test your NXP LPC11XX applications.

C8051T630DK Development Kit

_C8051T630DK Development KitThe C8051T630DK Development Kit contains everything needed to develop applications with the C8051T630, T631, T632, T633, T634 and T635 MCUs.

Black Sphere Debugger

_Black Sphere DebuggerThe Black Sphere Debugger is an in-application debugging tool for embedded microprocessors. It allows you see what is going on ´inside´ an application running on an embedded microprocessor

XMC4500 Basic Kit

_XMC4500 Basic KitThis evaluation board lets you get up-and-running quickly with Infineon´s Cortex-M4 XMC4000 microcontroller. This evaluation board offers many features that ease your learning curve and speed up

LPCXpresso Board for LPC1227

_LPCXpresso Board for LPC1227Populated with the LPC1227 the platform is comprised of a simplified Eclipse-based IDE and low-cost target boards which include an attached JTAG debugger.

F1 Evaluation Kit

_F1 Evaluation KitThe F1 Evaluation Platform is a simple development tool for Enhanced Mid-range PIC microcontrollers (PIC12F1xxx/PIC16F1xxx) and demonstrates the capabilities & low power enhancements of these new

XMEGA-A3BU Xplained

_XMEGA-A3BU XplainedThese are great platforms for early evaluation of the capabilities offered by the Atmel AVR microcontrollers. The XMEGA-A3BU Xplained contains one QTouch button sensor, three mechanical buttons, two L

EFM32™ Leopard Gecko Starter Kit

_EFM32™ Leopard Gecko Starter Kit Silicon Labs' EFM32LG-STK3600 is an excellent starting point to get familiar with the EFM32™ Leopard Gecko 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). The starter kit contains sensors and periphera

ATF15XX-DK3 CPLD Development/Programmer Kit

_ATF15XX-DK3 CPLD Development/Programmer KitThe ATF15xx-DK3 is a third-generation development/programmer kit supporting Atmel´s ATF15xxAS/ASL/ASV/ASVL/BE family of 1.8V/3.3V/5V industry-standard pin-compatible CPLDs with


_AT97SC3204T-X1K180Based on the Atmel AVR AT90USBKey kit with an added Embedded TWI (2-wire) TPM card and Embedded TWI TPM demonstration and evaluation software.