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RZ600 Transceiver Evaluation Kit » ATAVRRZ600

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RZ600 Transceiver Evaluation Kit - ATAVRRZ600The RZ600 evaluation kit speeds development, debugging, and demonstration for IEEE 802.15.4-compliant wireless applications.

This FCC-certified kit contains evaluation boards for Atmel AT86RF212 and the AT86RF23x families of RF transceivers, which cover the regional 700/800/900MHz and worldwide 2.4GHz ISM bands for use with the STK600. The kit includes two USB adapters equipped with 32-bit AVR UC3A microcontrollers for standalone point-to-point or packet sniffer operation.

  • Contains the full selection of AT86RF family radio transceivers.
  • Covers the 2.4GHz ISM band and 700, 800 and 900MHz frequency bands.
  • In total 3 pair of radio transceivers are available – one pair per radio transceiver.
  • Two ATUC3A3256 based USB host boards are included
              - Based on Atmel® AVR® UC core
              - 80 Dhrystone MIPS and Draws Only 40 mA at 66 MHz
              - Low, full and high speed USB compliant
               - Ideal for PC to RF gateways, packet sniffers and network commissioning tools
  • On board ID chip for easy IEEE MAC address
  • Stub antennas for all frequency bands