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STM32-MICRIUM evaluation board » BRD-EVAL-STF107-P-P1

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BRD-EVAL-STF107-P-P1 Available Directly From Manufacturer QUOTE
STM32-MICRIUM evaluation board - BRD-EVAL-STF107-P-P1The STM32-MICRIUM evaluation board is a complete development platform for
STMicroelectronic´s ARM Cortex™-M3 core-based microcontroller with full-speed USBOTG,
Ethernet MAC, two channels of CAN2.0A/B compliant interface, two I2S channels, two
I2C channels, five USARTs with smartcard support, three SPIs, 64 KB internal SRAM and
256 KB Flash, JTAG and SWD debugging support.
The full range of hardware features on the board help you to evaluate all types of peripherals
(USB-OTG FS, Ethernet, CAN, SD/MMC card, USART, temperature sensor, etc.) and
develop your own applications. Extension pin headers and wire wrapping area make it
possible to easily add your own components/interface on the board for a specific application.


  • 72 MHz STM32F107 Cortex™-M3 based microcontroller with:
– 256 Kbytes of Flash
– 64 Kbytes of SRAM
  • 10/100 Ethernet connector
  • USB-OTG full-speed connector
  • RS-232C connector
  • CAN interface connected to pin headers
  • SD/MMC socket
  • STLM75 temperature sensor
  • 3 user LEDs (red, yellow and green)
  • Reset button
  • Free I/O ports connector (pin headers)
  • Prototyping area
  • On-board J-Link SWD for debugging
  • Powered by J-Link USB connector or 5V external power supply on screw terminal
  • RoHS compliant
Software example Example #1 described in the μC/OS-III book is preloaded in the board’s Flash memory
showing the LD1, DL2 & DL3 blinking. For more information on this demonstration
example, please refer to Chapter 3 of the μC/OS-III book.