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MindTree EtherMind™ Bluetooth® Stack and SDK » MT-BT-SDK


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MindTree EtherMind™ Bluetooth® Stack and SDK - MT-BT-SDK
MindTree´s EtherMind Bluetooth® SDK provides a platform for end system designers to quickly evaluate EtherMind Bluetooth Software Protocol Stack and Profiles, and implement applications using it. The SDK is available for TI MSP430BT5190 processor. The reference applications and the development tool included in the kit help implementers to quickly develop customized Bluetooth prototype applications on the MSP430BT5190+CC2560 platform. This SDK supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP). FreeRTOS is used to support the Bluetooth read and write tasks. Users can develop their own application and interact with the Bluetooth Ethermind Stack APIs to enable Bluetooth connectivity on their end products.

This SDK is supported on the PAN1315EMK Kit (PAN1315EMK + MSP430EXP Board Bluetooth SDK) and EZ430-RF2560 Kit (EZ430-RF2560 Bluetooth SDK).

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Mindtree is the MSP430+CC2560 Platform´s official supplier of the Bluetooth stack and system integrator. MindTree´s Ethermind Bluetooth stack is shipping in volumes in products such as mobile phones, headsets, portable speakers, and other products. MindTree is a Bluetooth SIG Associate Member since 2000. They regularly participate in UnPlug Festivals (UPFs) and qualify their Bluetooth components annually (BQB).


  • Bluetooth specification v2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
  • Serial Port Profile (SPP) - Allows reception and transmission of data using the SPP profile.
  • Pre integrated into TI microcontrollers
  • Sample Applications to show features like - Turning Bluetooth on; making the device discoverable; performing inquiry; pairing the devices; receive/transmit data over SPP; get and transmit RF parameters
Additional Note
  • The MSP430+CC2560 SDK license requires that the MSP430BT5190 must be used only in combination with TI Bluetooth solutions such as the CC2560 for production
  • Evaluation and development can be done with the MSP430F5438 (which comes standard in the Experimenter board), but the software will time out periodically
  • For MSP430BT5190 device