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i.MX28 processor Module (SOM) » TQMa28

i.MX28 processor Module (SOM) - TQMa28

The TQMa28 module supports the NXP i.MX287 family based on the ARM9™ processor family. The i.MX28 family is a low-power, high-performance applications processor optimized for the general embedded industrial and consumer markets. The core of the i.MX28 is NXP's fast, proven, power-efficient implementation of the ARM926EJ-S™ core, with speeds of up to 454 MHz.

The NXP i.MX287, which is the most feature rich device in the i.MX28 family, is optimized for performance and power consumption. The i.MX287 boasts a premium feature set that includes: dual CAN, dual Ethernet, and LCD touch screen. The i.MX287 is an ideal fit for portable devices that require rich user interfaces with high color displays for presented information and user interaction. The i.MX287 is also available with extended temperature range.

Product highlights:

  • Dedicated Boot EEPROM
  • Optional 5V supervisor (standard on TQMa28-AE)
  • All CPU pins available at the Tyco connectors
  • Save time and reduce costs with an embedded module designed built and tested to industrial standards
  • Smallest ARM® module at only 40 mm x 26 mm
  • Built to industrial standards
  • Optional memory and extended temperature range
  • Low power consumption (typically 1W)
  • Long term availability (life cycle management) with support
  • Linux OS, BSP and Build System, QNX and WinCE 6.0 BSPs, Qt GUI support
  • IEC 61850 Stack from SystemCORP

IEC 6185

TQ worked with SystemCORP to provide PIS-10, an implementation of the IEC 61850 protocol stack, on the TQMa28 module that allows users to integrate a Server or Client into their own application easily. The PIS-10 61850 stack enables 61850 support to SCADA, EMS and Substation Control software applications using the TQMa28 module.



Development Kits etc.

Provider Tool name Order Number
TQ i.mx287 Starter Kit STKa28-AA