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ST7 Visual Develop - STVD7
ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7) is STMicroelectronic´s popular,full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developingST7 applications. It provides an easy-to-use and efficient environment that encompasses the complete development cycle – from building and debugging the application to programming the microcontroller, allowing users to speed up development and shorten time to market without cutting corners on quality. STVD7 is delivered as part of the free ST7-Toolset,which includes the ST7 Visual Programmer (STVP7) programming interface and the ST7 Assembler Linker.

STVD7 provides advanced building, debugging and programming features that make it possible to develop applications for ST7 microcontrollers easily and efficiently from a single graphical environment. For building your application, STVD7 provides seamless integration of C and Assembly toolchains including the Cosmic C compiler for ST7 andthe ST7 Assembler Linker.

For debugging your application, STVD7 provides an integrated software Simulator and supports a complete range of hardware tools including the low-cost RLink in-circuit debugger/programmer,cost-effective ST7-DVP3 series emulators and the high-end ST7-EMU3 series emulators.

When you are ready to program your application to your ST7microcontroller, STVD7 provides a programming interface that is based on ST7 Visual Programmer (STVP7) that allows you to write to and verify the Flash memory of your ST7 microcontroller without leaving STVD7.


Build your application
  • Text editor with color-syntax highlighting
  • Project Settings interface for seamless integration of C compiler and Assembler
  • MCU Selection to build your application for a specific microcontroller
  • C Compiler support includes Cosmic C Compiler (free version outputs code up to 16K)
  • Integrated ST7 Assembler
Debug your application
  • Simulator for ST7 featuring Plotter for graphic display of simulation and user-configured input signals on simulated I/Os
  • Project manager
  • Supports tool-specific debugging features including in-circuit debugging, configurable advanced breakpoints,trace recording and performance analysis (EMU3)
  • Supports a complete range of debugging tools including:
  • High-end ST7-EMU3 series emulators
  • Cost-effective ST7-DVP3 series emulators
  • Very low-cost RLink in-circuit debugger/programmer

Program it to your ST7
  • Integrated programming interface to program your ST7 directly without leaving STVD7
  • Read, Write and Verify ST7 Flash memory and option bytes
  • Supports a complete range of programming tools including:
  • ST7 Flash STICK programmer
  • ST7-EPB programmers
  • ST7SB Socket Boards
  • RLink in-circuit debugger/programmer