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JTAGICE mkII On-Chip Debug system » ATJTAGICE2

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JTAGICE mkII On-Chip Debug system - ATJTAGICE2

JTAGICE mkII On-Chip Debugger supporting all AVR and AVR32 with debugWIRE or JTAG interface. The AVR JTAGICE mkII from Atmel is a powerful development tool for On-chip Debugging of all AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers with IEEE 1149.1 compliant JTAG interface or debugWIRE Interface. DebugWIRE enables on-chip debug of AVR microcontrollers in small pin count packages, using only a single wire for the debug interface.

The JTAGICE mkII and the AVR Studio user interface give the user complete control of the internal resources of the microcontroller, helping to reduce development time by making debugging easier. The JTAGICE mkII performs Real Time emulation of the microcontroller while it is running in a target system. The JTAGICE mkII provides emulation capability at a fraction of the cost of traditional emulators.


  • AVR Studio Operated
  • Full Emulation of All Analog and Digital Functions
  • Full JTAG Programming Support
  • Supports Multiple Devices in a JTAG Scan Chain
  • USB 1.1 or RS-232 Interface to PC
  • Full Support for Assembly and High Level Languages
  • Program and Data Breakpoints
  • All Operations and Breakpoints are Real Time
  • Adapter for Direct Connection to STK500
  • Upgrades are done from AVR Studio
  • Target Voltage 1.8 - 5.5V
  • Supply Voltage 9V - 12V, or Powered from USB port