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CMX-MicroNet is a very small and fast TCP/IP stack » CMX-MicroNet

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CMX-MicroNet is a very small and fast TCP/IP stack - CMX-MicroNetCMX-MicroNet is a very small and fast TCP/IP stack that allows designers to offer networking connectivity for their embedded applications. CMX-MicroNet supports the following connectivity options: Direct, Dial Up, Ethernet, and Wireless Ethernet (802.11b.)

The base CMX-MicroNet software package currently includes UDP, TCP, IP, Modem, SLIP, ICMP Echo, IGMP, and Virtual File. Current Add-On Options that can be purchased in addition to the base CMX-MicroNet stack are: HTTP Web Server, FTP Client/Server, SMTP, SNMP V1/V2c, PPP, Ethernet (ARP, BOOTP), Wireless Ethernet, DHCP Client, and TFTP Client.

Source code examples of all CMX-MicroNet protocols and functionality are provided for fast design start up. CMX-MicroNet can be run stand alone without an RTOS, has been integrated with the CMX-RTX RTOS, and also can be integrated with the RTOS of your choosing.

CMX-MicroNet offers the following features:
  • Extremely small ROM/RAM requirements
  • All functions are contained in a library for ease of use and scalability
  • Ethernet drivers for the most popular Ethernet controllers
  • Source code examples reduce learning curve and speed development
  • Web Pages May Contain CGI calls & Server Side Includes
  • FTP Files, Including New Firmware
  • Send Emails
  • Can Serve up Java Applets
  • Runs Stand Alone or with any RTOS
  • Quick Start guide reduces learning curve and speeds development
  • Free technical support for 180 days
  • Low, one-time license fee
  • No royaltiesCMX-MicroNet offers powerful, basic networking functionality:
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • IP
  • Modem
  • SLIP
  • ICMP Echo
  • IGMP
  • Virtual FileCMX-MicroNet offers the following Add-On Options (purchased separately):
  • DHCP Client
  • Ethernet (ARP, BOOTP, Drivers for most popular Ethernet Controllers)
  • FTP Client/Server
  • FTP Server
  • HTTP Web Server
  • PPP
  • SMTP Client
  • SNMP V1 & V2c
  • TFTP Client
  • Wireless Ethernet (802.11b)