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QorIQ T4240 Development System » T4240QDS-16GPA

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QorIQ T4240 Development System - T4240QDS-16GPA


The QorIQ T4240 development system (T4240QDS) is a flexible system that supports the twenty four virtual core T4240 processor. With frequencies scaling to 1.8 GHz and rich input/output (I/O) mix, the T4240QDS is intended for development of enterprise and data center networking, telecom and industrial applications, where its high-performance, high-efficiency cores and integration make it very well suited as a combined control and data plane processor.

The T4240QDS can help shorten time to market. The board is built to allow the exercising of most capabilities of the device and can serve as a reference for system-level hardware development by providing a comparison tool for customer-specific board implementations. It can also be used for customer software development and performance evaluation.


The T4240QDS main board is mounted in a 4U rack-mounted chassis and the main PCB is a custom form factor. An additional layer of flexibility for system clocking, power distribution and I/O multiplexing is built into the T4240QDS. Although the main board includes features that will meet many customer use cases, eight expansion slots are provided for adding standard PCIe cards or Freescale specialized SerDes riser cards (XFI or XAUI networking).

Linux® SDK

The T4240QDS is shipped with a prebuilt U-boot/ Linux image programmed in flash memory to get developers up quickly to a Linux prompt. The system includes a Linux board support package (BSP) that provides a comprehensive starting point for Linux development efforts. This BSP is tested for the T4240 processor and the T4240QDS development system, ensuring an operational tool chain, kernel and specific peripherals that are ready to use together. The T4240QDS Linux BSP includes U-boot boot loader, Linux kernel, device drivers, Yocto package manager, applications, services, libraries and GNU tools such as compilers and linkers.


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