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Atollic Inc.

Embedded Artists AB

Macraigor Systems

Micro Digital Inc.

NXP Semiconductors

SEGGER Microcontroller

Texas Instruments

GoFast® Floating Point Library

_GoFast® Floating Point LibraryGoFast is a family of fast, IEEE 754 floating point libraries designed for embedded applications. They are fast because they are written in assembly language and specifically optimize

PEG GUI Products

_PEG GUI ProductsThe PEG family of products are designed for embedded systems. PEG+ and PEG Pro are the full-featured versions that support windowing on full size screens and C++. C/PEG is the reduced version with

Prism GUI Products

_Prism GUI ProductsBlue Water Embedded’s Prism GUI toolkit is designed for today’s advanced embedded systems.  smxPrism™ has been integrated with smx and offers developers of e