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CMX Systems

HCC Embedded

Interniche Technologies


Micro Digital Inc.

SEGGER Microcontroller


embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack)

_embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack)embOS/IP has been optimized for use in real-time, memory constrained embedded systems. This TCP/IP stack is RFC compliant and extends a standard socket API to your embedded application.

emFile (Embedded File System)

_emFile (Embedded File System)emFile is an embedded file system which can be used with any type of storage device. emFile is a high performance library that has been optimized for; minimum memory consumption in RAM and ROM, high s

emUSB (Embedded USB Stack)

_emUSB (Embedded USB Stack)emUSB Host/Device Stack has been designed to work on any embedded system with a USB controller. Ports for most common USB controllers are available. It can be used with USB 1.1 or USB 2.0.

emWin (Graphics Software and GUI)

_emWin (Graphics Software and GUI)emWin, one of the most efficient and comprehensive embedded GUIs available, helps developers beat their timelines and cut their development costs. It is written in ANSI "C" and supports any