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Bootstrap Loader (BSL) for MSP low-power microcontrollers

_Bootstrap Loader (BSL) for MSP low-power microcontrollers The Bootstrap Loader (BSL) is an application built into MSP low-power microcontrollers. It enables the user to communicate with the device to read from and write to its memory. This feature is pr

MSP Flasher - Command Line Programmer

_MSP Flasher - Command Line Programmer MSP Flasher is an open-source, shell-based interface for programming any MSP device through a MSP Debug Stack and provides the most common functions on the command line.

MSP-GANG Production Programmer

_MSP-GANG Production Programmer The MSP Gang Programmer is an MSP430 device programmer that can program up to eight identical MSP430 flash or FRAM devices at the same time. The MSP Gang Programmer connects to a host PC using a